Agile Software Development

Delivering real-time, edge-leading mission solutions with scalable, flexible, agile services on time and within budget.

    Team Beskar

    Team Beskar
    Centauri’s Team Beskar excels at continuously delivering products to our users in real time. By combining an agile software development process with DevSecOps methodologies, we’re able to continuously evaluate the likelihood of project success, and adjust on the fly, saving our customers time and money. By breaking down silos, we increase communications and shared knowledge during all phases of the delivery process.

    Like the Mandalorian steel that give us our name, Team Beskar provides our customers with hardened, resilient, and secure software to solve their toughest challenges.

    • Our solutions are rapid and scalable, allowing for faster time to market.
    • We provide continuous communication from cradle to grave, leading to better transparency and accurate real-time builds while reducing risk and eliminating waste.
    • Our flexible, agile approach allows us to rapidly adapt to meet evolving customer needs


    Why Centauri?

    Why Centauri?

    Failure can either be a minor setback or a large-scale disaster – depending on a developer’s ability to recognize warning signs and moving quickly and decisively to get the project back on course.   

    Team Beskar’s experienced software developers have learned to approach a problem from multiple different angles and can quickly adjust processes to meet user needs. We’ll never try to fit a square peg into a round hole. Our solutions are tailored to specific customer requirements, user needs and security classification.   

    Our team was built by former operators that keenly understand operator needs. We know their pain points because we have felt those same pain points. That's why our forward-thinking team can propose different solutions to problems that are customers don’t even know they have. It's not about the bottom line, it's about doing more for our customers.  

    Evolving to Face Threats

    Evolving to Face Threats

    As our adversaries develop software using DevSecOps methodologies, we run the risk of being outpaced and left behind. Agile DevSecOps brings the Department of Defense (DoD) faster, more efficient, and more secure development that gives products that our warfighters need to stay ahead of our adversaries. If they are able to more efficiently bring these products to bear on their side, that means we're losing the fight which is a dangerous place for us to be.

    Hardware can live for a long time, but the software needs a change.

    As threats evolve and conflicts move to cyberspace, secure application development becomes even more vital. DevSecOps integrates security from the start, making sure that DoD missions, from weapons systems to artificial intelligence, are secure.

    User Centered DesignAgile Lean Product DevelopmentExtreme Programming (XP)
    Our user-centered design approach ensures that we are always delivering real time value to our users needs. We are constantly validating and integrating assumptions from user research and user testing.Being lean allows us to validate our assumptions, mitigate risks and eliminating waste. We are constantly ensuring that we are building the next most valuable thing, the simplest way, and as fast as possible.Allows us to go fast, while being confident. Pair Programming and Test Driven Development are the core tenets ensuring we can pivot on a moment’s notice and our code is bug free and deployable.

    Our Team

    Lisa Thompson

    Lisa Thompson

    Centauri Senior System Engineer, Space CAMP/Platform One Design Practice Lead

    Lisa Thompson is an industry expert with more that 30 years of experience in intelligence analysis, system engineering and project management. Lisa is retired Air Force veteran, serving over 20 years as an intelligence analyst and over 10 years as a GS-13 intelligence analyst and was the Director of Space and Missile activities at the Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing site. Currently, she is incorporating her research and studies in Industrial and Organizational Psychology to shape User Experience Design practices in the Air Force and other services at the governments Space Commercially Augmented Platform (CAMP) and Platform One.

    Cody Harris

    William "Cody" Harris

    Program Manager, Space CAMP/Platform One; Principal Cyber Engineer

    William “Cody” Harris is a Principal Cyber Engineer and Program Manger of Space CAMP and Platform One for Centauri in Colorado Springs. Cody is part of the leadership team that leads a group of more than 20 highly skilled, multi-disciplined software developers, UX designers, and product managers to support the DevSecOps initiative of multiple DoD customers. He is a former active duty Cyber Operations officer with the United States Air Force and current Air Force Reservist. Cody has a BS in IT Management, a MS in Information Security and Assurance, and is a CISSP, PMP, and CERP.

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