Physical Security Services

Our team of subject matter experts can assist you with the planning, design and implementation for sensitive compartmented information facilities (SCIFs), Special Access Program Facilities (SAPFs), and Department of Defense Closed and Restricted Areas along with the execution of Construction Security Plans & Fixed Facility Checklists.

    Services we provide:

    • Coordination Of Facility Security Designs And Modifications¬†
    • Preparation Of Fixed Facility Checklists
    • Pre-Inspections, Site Surveys and Evaluations
    • DOD Special Access Program (SAP) and SCI Facility Certification and Accreditation Support
    • DOD Restricted and Closed Area Accreditation Support
    • Security Process and Procedure Development
    • Technical Security Control Implementation
    • Assistance with Defense Security Service (DSS) Facility Clearance (FCL) Process
    • Preparation for DSS Vulnerability Assessments
    • Co-Use and Joint-Use Agreements

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