Trusted Microelectronics

The continued globalization of the microelectronics supply chain has placed the security of defense and industrial microelectronics at considerable risk.

     Examples of potential vulnerabilities include counterfeit devices, malicious hardware trojans, intellectual property theft, and leakage of sensitive information. Conventional microelectronics development has focused on the optimization of power, performance, and area constraints. These optimizations often come at the expense of hardware security. For this reason, the mitigation of these hardware security vulnerabilities requires drastic changes to the status quo of microelectronics design, assessment, validation, and verification. Effective research in these areas calls for multidisciplinary teams capable of developing novel techniques for a broad array of state-of-the-art microelectronics systems. 


    Our Approach


    Centauri has built a research and development team to derive a fundamental understanding of hardware security vulnerabilities and establish novel design and verification techniques for state-of-the-art defense and industrial microelectronics. The team aims to develop best-practices for microelectronics development to ensure security throughout the global supply chain. This includes the fabrication of integrated circuits in untrusted foundries without compromising intellectual property, the detection and prevention of counterfeits and hardware trojans, and the mitigation of side-channel leakage of sensitive information.

    To achieve this, the team performs the design and verification of state-of-the-art digital, analog, mixed-signal, and RF circuits to assess and quantify the security provided by novel secure design techniques. The resulting research outcomes provide valuable insight into hardware security vulnerabilities and drives state-of-the-art techniques into practical microelectronics systems. To maximize the impact of this work, the trusted microelectronics team collaborates with government agencies, academic researchers, and commercial businesses to tackle the toughest problems across all areas of hardware security.



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