General Services Administration Professional Services Schedule

The Professional Services Schedule (PSS) enables Federal agencies to procure a wide variety of professional services using a single Schedule contract. This Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) was awarded to DGS support Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) SIN 874 -1 and SIN 874-7 as described in the scope below.

    Contract Owning Customers

    The General Services Administration (GSA) is the customer of this Professional Services Schedule (PSS) contract.

    Contract Types

    GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) is a multiple award schedule contract, awarded through full and open or set-asides competition (based on the purchasing agency’s determination).

    Contract Scope

    Held by DGS (Centauri), the PSS contract includes Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS). See more details below.


    Integrated Consulting Services (Management or strategy consulting, including research, evaluations, studies, analyses, scenarios/simulations, reports, business policy and regulation development assistance and strategy formulation; Facilitation and related decision support services; Survey services, using a variety of methodologies, including survey planning, design, and development; survey administration; data validation and analysis; reporting, and stakeholder briefings; Advisory and assistance services in accordance with FAR 37.203)


    Integrated Business Program Support Services (services to assist agencies in managing their mission-oriented business projects or programs and achieving mission performance goals; All phases of program or project management, from planning to closeout; Operational/administrative business support services in order to carry out program objectives)

    Contract Number



    TOs can be Full and Open or Set-asides based on the purchasing agency’s determination.



    Period of Performance

    20 years MAS (One 5-year Base & three 5-year Option Periods ) This schedule is currently in its Base Period: 8/6/2018 - 8/15/2023

    Contract Holder

    DGS (Centauri)

    Points of Contact

    Debi Shartzer