PreTalen is now a Centauri company.

We are the go-to engineering firm for superior Cyber Engineering and PNT solutions. Comprised of a national network of teams, we are focused on providing expert systems engineering support for space, navigation, electronic warfare and cyber security.

    What We Offer

    We deliver the highest quality services at the best value—reduced cost, risk, schedule—providing customers the best possible solution for any Cyber or PNT challenge.


    PreTalen's cyber team includes uniquely skilled reverse engineers and software developers. Our top-tier skill set includes hardware reverse engineering, digital signals processing, firmware analysis, vulnerability research, and capabilities development. Whether you need low level hardware expertise, over the air capabilities, or application layer effects we have cyber professionals who can help.

    PNT Critical Infrastructure

    Learn how Centauri can support your PNT critical infrastructure, field testing, and frequency clearance.

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