Continuing to Serve

Transition seamlessly to civilian life. Support vital national security missions. Transform valuable military experience into a meaningful civilian career.

Centauri offers opportunities for transitioning members of the military to continue to serve the national defense mission in a civilian career. For many military veterans, Centauri provides mission-driven work they are accustomed to with the work-life balance they have been missing. 

Through a continuation of work that matters, veterans are able to advance prior military experience into technical skills. Working alongside fellow active-duty military creates a culture bonded by similar background and aligned passions. For many veterans, the Centauri culture embodies a comparable sense of camaraderie and values instilled in the armed forces. Bringing together the brightest minds in technology and defense, Centauri ensures that veterans of all branches are bound by the gravity of the mission. 

For many U.S. veterans, a career at Centauri is a perfect marriage of military experience and technical skills. 

What Makes Us Different

Continue your service to our nation by leveraging technical skills to help solve the most critical challenges facing national security.

Work with and learn from the brightest subject matter experts across space, cyber, defense and intelligence.

Enjoy a competitive base salary, industry-leading benefits and enormous flexibility.

Centauri takes a unique approach to work-life balance that puts life back on an equal plane with work.

Our Benefits:

At Centauri, not only do our team members enjoy a competitive salary, but our benefits and flexibility lead the industry.

Centauri  also has a unique approach to work-life balance that puts life back on an equal plane with work, and gives our team members enormous flexibility in how they deliver for our customers.

Employees can set their own hours at the beginning of each month so they no longer have to sacrifice important appointments, school events, family needs, or offset the times that they are on short term MIL orders – and can stretch those weekends out a little bit longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m interested in a career at Centauri. When should I start my search?

A: You can’t start the networking process too early. Start applying to our open career opportunities 120 days out from your availability date.

Q: How will my military career relate to a career at Centauri?

A: Your military skill set may create many opportunities at Centauri. You’ll find that your experiences can be applied to the work we do across all of our divisions. We also recognize that you have skills that make you competitive for career opportunities outside of your military expertise. Explore all that Centauri has to offer.

Q: What should I consider when preparing for my interview at Centauri?

A: Preparation is the key to a successful interview. This includes: reviewing the job description, performing an internet search of the job title and see what results appear online, creating a list of career accomplishments that support your candidacy for the position and preparing a list of questions specific to the position and benefits offered. During the interview, take time to reflect on your answer, be confident in the valuable skills and experience you have, and remember to relax, smile and be yourself.

Q: Are there opportunities for military spouses at Centauri?

A: Yes, there are career opportunities for military spouses available at Centauri. We’re proud to employ many military veterans and their spouses.